Watch Out!
Watch Out!
June 29, 2004
1. Accidents
2. Control
3. It Was Fear Of Myself That Made Me Odd
4. Side Walk When She Walks
5. "Hey, It's Your Funeral Mama"
6. No Transitory
7. Sharks And Danger
8. That Girl Possessed
9. White Devil
10. Get Fighted
11. Happiness By The Kilowatt
In 2003 we were hugely influenced by current emotive indie and ambient rock music so we attempted to inject a little bit of that into our songs. Still writing very freely but time and travel had turned us into more methodical song writers. It's a very bizarre sounding record but you can hear the improvement in musicianship compared to the self titled. We were no longer virgins to the studio and in the very capable hands of producer Julius Butty. Something was starting to happen. - George Pettit