October 31, 2002
1. .44 Caliber Love Letter
2. Counterparts And Number Them
3. Adelleda
4. A Dagger Through The Heart of St.Angeles
5. Polaroids of Polar Bears
6. Waterwings (And Other Pool Side Fashion Faux Pas)
7. Where No One Knows
8. The Kennedy Curse
9. Jubella
10. Little Girls Pointing And Laughing
11. Pulmonary Archery
The first full length album by Alexisonfire completely embodies the sound of late teens and early 20's. Full of dumb confidence and lacking in concentration. Hundreds of parts and riffs strung together in to a fun little hodge podge. We were living and writing freely. Sometimes too much freedom isn't always a good thing. - George Pettit
Pulmonary Archery (Official Video)
"Steele was fired from his job at Blockbuster for shooting this music video. About three weeks ago Blockbuster went out of business. Revenge is a dish best served cold." - George Pettit
Counterparts and Number Them (Official Video)
"At the beginning we were getting a little press off of the first records and they were describing us as tortured individuals using our music to express some deep inner pain. we didn't necessarily agree with their interpretation of the music so we responded by making the sissiest video possible." - George Pettit