Hey gang,
We are doing a 2nd Edition of the AOF box set. It's slightly smaller than the original press and it's a bit cheaper. It contains all of the studio albums on beautiful 180 gram 2xLP's. The first press will remain nice and rare and special for all the psychopaths who got up early on christmas day to buy it; in all sincerity, that was amazing and we love you for that. So this is a good way to get all the AOF LP's in one shot but lets say you hate Dog's Blood or Crisis (pfft, we all know you love crisis. Clearly the best AOF record) and you don't want them…you're in luck because all of our albums will be pressed individually and sold a la carte. They will also be available in your local independent record stores should you feel the need to be charitable to dying part of what was once a vibrant and profitable music industry.

Lots of love

Completely re-mastered and cut at 45 rpm on 180g double black vinyl for the first time ever

WATCH OUT! - 2x12"
Mastered at 45 rpm on 180g double black vinyl for the first time ever.

CRISIS - 2x12"
Mastered at 45rpm on 180g double black vinyl for the first time ever.

Long out-of-print and re-pressed on 180g double black vinyl.

Long out-of-print and re-pressed on 180g black vinyl.

Exclusive "Daggers" Slipmat.

Digital Download cards will be included in each album.
When will the box set be available for pre-order?
You'll be able to pre-order the box set on April 15, 2014.

When will the box set ship?
Boxes will begin approximately August 2014

How much will shipping cost to __________________ ?
Shipped costs are calculated based on your location and the shipping method you choose. For Canadian customers the package will ship with Canada Post and you will have 2 shipping options. Customers in the USA / Rest of the World will have 2 shipping options and packages will be shipped with United States Postal Service

Can I purchase the box set with other items from the store?
Absolutely! the box sets will be shipped approximately August 2014, any other items purchased from the store will be dispatched when available.
Can I purchase an individual title from the box set?
Absolutely! individual titles are available from our store, as well as Dine Alone Records and New Damage Records

Will this box set be available at any other retailers?
Absolutely! these boxes will be available from both Dine Alone Records and New Damage Records

I'm having issues with my digital download, who can help?
Please email and they can help get you sorted.

I still have another question, who can help?
For all other inquires please contact: